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  • Interior, kitchen counter

by Heritage

Crafted with love for our community

Tarte by Heritage is a new project from the Heritage Restaurant | Bar team in Woodinville. Tarte is a from-scratch bake shop next door to Heritage, with an opening connecting both kitchens. Tarte will feature in-house baked pieces of bread, pastries, sandwiches, coffee/tea, grab-and-go items, and a retail front. Chef/Owner Breanna Beike, a Woodinville resident, initially imagined a quick-service pastry and coffee stop for local residents and tourists alike. The concept grew to include a retail area featuring local artisanal goods, high-end European sundries, and culinary treasures. While Woodinville hosts an array of attractions, Tarte will provide a much-needed scratch bakery and a unique community shopping experience.

Tarte is inspired by extensive "wine country" travels, bringing the best from wine/tourist areas in California and Europe to Woodinville. Whether you are on your way to work and need a coffee or breakfast treat, or you're tasting through the Hollywood Hill wine district and need a quick snack or you're looking for the perfect thank-you gift for a neighbor, Tarte will have a little something for everyone. Tarte has a courtyard in front where we plan to host a variety of events during the warmer months, to include: local farm seedlings, mini concerts, local artist showcases as well as a flower stand.